Throughout the years, Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza of Hylan Blvd has been featured on many News Outlets across the Nation, including:
CNN, Good Day NY, John Stewart Show, CNN International, Good Morning America, ABC News, BBC News, Newsey, CW 11, Fox 5, CBS News….
Enjoy some of the great stories below.

CNN Makes Fun of NYC Mayor Eating Pizza with Fork, Knife

CNN reports on Mayor De Blasio eating pizza with a fork and knife<

CNN, ABC News, all report on De Blasio eating with a fork and knife at Goodfellas

Mayor De Blasio meets with business leaders at Goodfellas to discuss pizza

‘Forkgate’ Engulfs New York Mayor After Bill De Blasio Uses Cutlery To Eat Pizza on Good Morning America

Goodfellas discuss the New York way of eating pizza on New York News

NYC MAYOR De Blasio caught EATING PIZZA with fork and KNIFE

Home of The Pizza School in NY