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Goodfellas Super Bowl Catering Specials

Goodfellas Super Bowl Catering Specials Enjoy all of your favorite dishes this Sunday for the big game!  We have great deals on our Goodfella’s Super Bowl Catering Specials!  All of our pizzas are made fresh to order and baked at 900 degrees in our wood-fired brick oven.  The original Goodfellas does brick oven pizza best, being […]


The Original Goodfellas Pizza’s winning history

In the Beginning…there was Goodfella’s The original Goodfellas pizza invented and won back to back National Awards for the Pizza alla Vodka, being at the forefront of introducing gourmet pizza New York and the United States.  Within the first 6 months of being open at the 1718 Hylan Blvd location in Staten Island, NY, the restaurant won in Las Vegas Nevada for the Pizza alla Vodka, […]

Goodfellas Brick Oven Pizza

Goodfellas Pizza Staten Island

Goodfellas Pizza Staten Island For Pizza Lovers who really know what great pizza is! The Original Goodfellas Pizza on Hylan Blvd in Staten Island, New York has been serving award-winning brick oven pizza ever since they opened in 1992. As a matter of fact the first year in business they were voted the “Best Pizza in America” at the […]

Steaks Staten Island Goodfellas

Steaks Staten Island Goodfellas

Wood Fired Prime Cut Steaks.  Steaks Staten Island Goodfellas! Yes, we are famous for our gourmet brick oven pizza but did you we serve amazing steaks, prime cuts of beef only, and cooked to perfection in a 900f degree brick oven.  The high heat sears in the juices and gives a great char and flavor to every steak and […]

Catering Staten Island

Catering Staten Island

Catering Staten Island Since 1992  When it comes to Catering Staten Island, you will love what we do.  We use the freshest ingredients homemade mozzarella and always feed the family well.  All gourmet catering is made fresh to order and arrives hot.  We offer Ala-cart Choices and full set up catering as well.  Did you […]

Staten Island's Best Pizza

Staten Island’s Best Pizza

Staten Island’s Best Pizza. Everyone knows the Original Goodfella’s of Staten Island ( Creators of the Vodka pizza and 4-time world champions)make the best pizza hands down. If you love wood fired pizza you have to try the amazing vodka pizza. Created in 1992 by Goodfellas an incredible pizza with Fresh mozzarellas amazing vodka sauce peas and […]

Best Pizza

World’s Best Pizza!

The World’s Best Pizza. Have you ever had the world’s best pizza? Do you want to? Goodfella’s specialty pizza, Crustacean Sensation, was named world’s best pizza! You try it yourself and be the judge, but we think you’ll agree.

Eating Pizza With a Fork?

The mayor came to eat our pizza! And used a fork! Some people would call that a crime against pizza, but we’re just happy that Mayor De Blasio liked our pizza enough to really dig in. No matter how you like to enjoy your pizza, we’re happy to serve you.

Real and Recycled

We are very proud of where we come from, so why not represent it? We are now packaging our pizza in special boxed that represent our home, Staten Island. What’s even better is that they’re made from recycled materials. We’re trying to continue making the world’s best pizza while also reducing our carbon footprint.

Become a Pizza Pro

Do you ever wish that you could make pizza like a pro? We’ve opened our own pizza school where you can learn skills that will convince your friends and family that you own your own pizzeria. This is a nice, easy alternative to building your own brick over in your backyard!